Fighter Insurance Cover

Combat Sports
Combat Sports
Top up cover to $1,000 per week
Only $4.99 per week (over 48 weeks)
365 Days cover
Claim up to 52 weeks in lost wages
14 day excess
Includes pre-season and training in addition to match days

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I found myself out of work for 6 weeks due to a football injury a little while back. I was tackled, fell down hard on my elbow and heard a loud snap. After my X-ray in hospital, it was confirmed that I had both dislocated and broke my elbow. I needed to have surgery, and with the nature of my injury I needed a longer recovery time to return to work as a chef. I lodged my claim straight away with Football Federation Australia, and was shocked to find out that I was only covered for $250 a week. It was a very stressful 6 weeks, and I would have definitely sought additional cover if I knew this previously. It’s worth it.

Lee McGuinness