Footy Insurance Cover

Q&A – Footy Insurance Cover

What am I covered for?

You’re covered for income replacement when you suffer an injury playing football with your club and are unable to return to work to perform your occupation.

How much does Sona Sports Insurance cover for my wages?

Sona Sports Insurance covers you up to $1,000 per week.

When am I covered?

You’re covered whilst playing in official matches, training, pre-season and travelling to and from matches or training.

Do I need cover if I work in an office?

Yes, a lot of injuries can result in you being unable to return to the office whilst temporarily totally disabled from performing normal duties.

What is the excess period?

No benefit is payable for the first 14 days.

Do I need Sona Sports Insurance if I have private health cover?

Possibly, as a lot of income protection policies exclude playing footy.

What is the excess period?

No benefit is payable for the initial 14 days.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?


How much does it cost me?

$287.52 (pay by the month option available)

How do I take out a policy?

Simply go online to

How do I make a claim?

Email us at or call us on 0894731116.

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Sona Sports – Footy Insurance Cover
Wages cover up to $1,000 per week
Only $29.07 per month
365 Days cover
Claim up to 52 weeks in lost wages
14 day excess
Includes pre-season and training in addition to match days

Our Testimonials

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I found myself out of work for 6 weeks due to a football injury a little while back. I was tackled, fell down hard on my elbow and heard a loud snap. After my X-ray in hospital, it was confirmed that I had both dislocated and broke my elbow. I needed to have surgery, and with the nature of my injury I needed a longer recovery time to return to work as a chef. I lodged my claim straight away with Football Federation Australia, and was shocked to find out that I was only covered for $250 a week. It was a very stressful 6 weeks, and I would have definitely sought additional cover if I knew this previously. It’s worth it.

Lee McGuinness